Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

And Happy Birthday Kate!
We hope PA "treats" you right today :)
Love you!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

As of late

I've had a seemingly unquenchable craving for CRAFTS. That's right. I bet you thought I was going to say cucumbers (for those that know me well) or chocolate (for those that know the natural food preferences of women in general - including me). I don't know why I've been having these cravings, but they have manifested themselves in a multitude of exciting projects. Everything from crepe paper decorating and cupcake frosting to quilt sewing and Halloween costume fashioning (for a giant inflatable man no less). Because that's what I've been craving as of late.


Note to self

If the lunch you brought from home looks so gross that you know your co-workers will wonder what it could possibly be when they open the breakroom fridge, don't label it as the solution to their curiosity. Just don't eat that kind of "food" anymore.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We Recommend...

Shanghai Cafe
145 E. 1300 S. SLC
Really awesome Vietnamese food. They specialize in vegetarian dishes (although they do serve meat as well) and tofu never tasted so good. Try the vegetarian fried egg rolls and vegetarian chicken lemon grass. YUM!

The Organ Loft
3331 S. Edison St. SLC
Old silent films with live organ accompaniment = something everyone should see at least once. It's only $5 and popcorn and drinks are cheap too. Go early to get a good seat.

Note: This was the agenda for our date night last Friday and it was a blast! We saw the classic Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney and it was a packed house.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


This just in: We just won a 7-day stay at a condo in Lima, Peru!!! We were at a Boys and Girls Club benefit dinner and one of Greg's (FREE) raffle tickets won us the trip! The condo has 3 bedrooms, so if anyone wants to go to Peru with us next year...........We're thinking we'll go in April for our anniversary.

One word: STOKED.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


28 years ago this adorable baby boy was born.

[The day after he was born]

[Blessing Day - November 1980]

[Look at those cute chubby feet :) ]

[CLASSIC 1980's photography - 2 years old]

[Sooooooooo adorable - 4 years old]

[Looking gooood]


[Take a CLOSE look at the shirt and pants - NICE.]

[Graduation May 1999 - Bonneville (clap, clap) Lakers (clap, clap) - just for you Greg]

[Dancing (?) in the MTC - on his way to the Philippines]

[Soooooo hot.]

[Grendy - December 2007]

*editorial sidenote: this was taken the day of our first kiss :)




*Wendy's sidenote: I realized that I had never seen a baby picture of Greg so I riffled through all the photos Mama Willis could throw at me and these are just a few of the gems :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My husband is 12.

Don't worry, it's just biscuit dough.

[We had a date night with some friends @ Jared's property in Ogden Canyon. 10.03.08]

Wendy, Greg, Jared Hales
[Don't worry, Jared had his own date. I hate sharing Greg :) ]

What's in the coffee table?

We (somewhat) recently purchased this coffee table:

Part of our attraction to it was that we could display things in it. So, what's in the coffee table right now?

Old spraypaint cans.

We plan on switching things up every now and then (we already know we want to do Christmas ornaments come the holiday season). Any ideas for cool display items?

More Bitesize Updates: ***Sorry for the weird formatting. I eventually gave up trying to fix it.***

Greg is gone deer hunting = time for me to finish a long overdo update:


Greg's friend Scott visited and they played a little wiffle ball.What was the final score again Scott? Har, har. Really though, we love having you visit!

Labor Day weekend meant some Grade A camping in the Uintas with the Willis crew. We had a great time hiking, fishing, 4-wheeling, camp firing, dutch-ovening, etc. Greg threw his first snowball of the season thanks to the snowfall that collapsed our tent the last night-luckily we were sleeping in the back of Ma & Pa Willis' Honda Pilot.
[Nice catch Christie (Greg's sister)!]

We went for a long overdo hike up Adams Canyon.

Greg and his brothers (Leigh and Brad) competed in the Ogden Valley Triathlon @ Pineview Reservoir.

L-R: Greg, Brad, Leigh

Our new favorite thing = homemade caramel apples...
We've made better ones since these but there were still TASTY!

We were invited to watch the Weber State Homecoming Football game in President Millner's box. Lots of good food and fancy company - we felt like VIP's. We highly recommend it :)

Chalkboard? Talk about old school.

We found this awesome chalkboard at Down East Outfitters (pictured here in our kitchen with a little love from Greg's mad art skills). We can't decide what to hang next to it...

Friday, October 17, 2008

"Stayin' Alive" keeping people alive

This is an interesting article.....

CHICAGO — "Stayin' Alive" might be more true to its name than the Bee Gees ever could have guessed: At 103 beats per minute, the old disco song has almost the perfect rhythm to help jump-start a stopped heart.

And in a small but intriguing study from the University of Illinois medical school,
doctors and students maintained close to the ideal number of chest compressions doing CPR while listening to the catchy, sung-in-falsetto tune from the 1977 movie "Saturday Night Fever."

And my favorite part of the article:

"I heard a rumor that 'Another One Bites the Dust' works also, but it didn't seem quite as appropriate," Gilbert said.

What I'm thinking right now:

[This is inspired by recent e-mails at work from Greg asking what I'm thinking about at that very moment. Isn't he adorable?]

  • How much I love listening to Greg sing along to his iPod while getting ready in the morning. He has a new cover of the "Oogie Boogie Song" from The Nightmare Before Christmas -done by the one and only Tiger Army- that he gets really excited about :)
  • I haven't worn make-up pretty much this whole week; not sure why. Although sometimes I don't put any on in the morning so I can have a refresher before I pick Greg up from work and it makes me feel way hotter (so glad I just admitted that).
  • Some of the toliets at work have the auto-flush feature and others don't. I opt for the non-auto-flush; that's just a surprise I don't appreciate (translation: I found out about the auto-flush toliets by accident one day.).
  • There are signs hanging up at my work that say "Making Ethical Training a Success." I laughed the first time I saw one. Why? Because of this:

  • This is awesome.
  • Favorite quote(s) from last night's episode of The Office: There's just too many good ones to pick from. Check them out. Or even better, watch the full episode.
  • Pie. I got an e-mail telling me that Culinary Arts is going to be selling slices of pie for 25 cents at 11:00. Nope! Just kidding. I was just offered FREE donuts AND chocolate milk at 10:00. Sorry pie, you snooze you lose. And, I love chocolate milk so you really didn't stand a chance. This brings me to a story though:

STORY: The pie that is being sold at 11:00 today contains a mystery filling (according to the e-mail). Don't worry, I'm sure the people that made the pie know what's in it. I hope. Anyway, if you can guess what's in the pie, you get free lunch. Is it worth the risk???

STORY #2: A few weeks ago, Sunday September 14th to be exact, my Greg was in Denver and I journeyed down to K-Town hang-out with some Wilsons for the day. On that day, my Mom made a pie. She called it "mock apple pie." I was uncomfortable with that. Then, when she wouldn't reveal why it was a "mock" of real apple pie, I became really uncomfortable. I didn't eat that pie. Even after she told me what was in it. The best part is that now I don't remember what it was.......little help Mom?

  • I love Fridays.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Request

Dearest fellow bloggers,

one and only will be gone having "manly time" (aka deer hunting) with the other Willis men for a few days next week. This means it's my chance to eat some serious mexican food :) [For those of you that didn't know, Greg doesn't enjoy Mexican cuisine.]

That brings me to my request: if you have any great recipes, please share! You can even post them on your own blog for others to enjoy as well!

Just to clear things up, I will be lonely and depressed without
my Greg so if anyone wants to get together I would love it! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008


Sunday was our 6 month anniversary! We celebrated on Saturday by taking a trip to Park City and then stopped in Salt Lake on the way home for some delicious P.F. Chang's (I can't even see those words without salivating).

I really can't believe how fast six months have passed......

Thanks to many of you fellow bloggers who helped make April 12th, 2008 the best day of my life. And mostly, thank you my Greg for choosing me :)
I love you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Human Touch

I continue to be amazed by Stephanie Nielson and her family. Today, on her sister Courtney's blog, their brother Andrew wrote a "guest blog" about "The Human Touch." I never thought I could feel so much love for and from a family I've never met. I honestly feel the Spirit anytime I read their posts. I encourage anyone who wants a boost to read this post.

A Love Note

To my sweetheart,
I adore you. Thanks for putting up with all my craziness. Thanks for helping relieve my stress yesterday. Thanks for taking me shopping (I love my new outift ;) Thanks for curling up with me on the couch to watch a scary movie and for squeezing me during all the scary parts. Thanks for telling and showing me you think I'm beautiful. Thanks for being mine :)
We all know that love is not a feeling, it's an ability; and I love, love love you.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dear Amy,

Remember how we used to sneak Jolly Ranchers out of the emergency preparedness kits your Mom kept in "the fruit room" when we were little? I was thinking about that yesterday afternoon while doing the dishes. Why? I have no idea but it was a funny memory. I hope you and your cute family are doing well. Love you!


Greg sold the good 'ol iPod Touch yesterday. He also found a 30g iPod Classic being sold on KSL (love that website) in South Ogden that we picked up last night (making for a nice little profit). The best part was the previous owners left all their music on it. The likes of everything from AFI, Christina Aguilera and The Black Eyed Peas to O-Zone (Which I'm still appauled Greg had never heard--I called to tell you that last night Bob), Mo-Tab and Justin Timberlake. And don't forget Mariah Carey, Sulja Boy, The King's Singers, and the scores from just about everything done by Hans Zimmer. It made for an entertaining night of singing songs Greg really wished I didn't know all the words to. I still have "Always be my baby" stuck in my head....."

....."you'll always be a part of me, I'm part of you indefinitely, boy don't you know you can't escape me, ooh darling 'cause you'll always be my baby"

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things to tell Greg:

  • I almost left the house with a stripe of grease from your bicycle chain on my leg this morning. Good thing I took that last look in the mirror before heading out! I'm still loving the previous owners of our house for leaving that full-length mirror.
  • NieNie's sister cjane really got me today (like she does every day). [For those of you that haven't heard about Stephanie and Christian Nielson, be prepared to shed more tears for someone you don't even know than you ever thought possible. Thanks for sharing the inspiration Kate!]
  • I found a starfish in my desk. Random.
  • I can't wait for our weekly Office party tonight. [Wait back up. Do you think that I'm retarded?]
  • I love that you do manly things like change the oil in the car.
  • Pretty much I just love you.