Monday, September 29, 2008

For Sale

Hey Gang,

I am selling my iPod Touch (8 Gig) for around $175 if anyone is interested. Its going to go on KSL before too long, so act fast.

Or, if anyone has an iPod Classic they want to trade me for this, let me know.

Finally, Wendy has a grip of updates that should be on here shortly as well.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dear Allie,

Remember when we saved all those Yoplait yogurt lids to help raise money to fight breast cancer? I'm glad we did that. I'm sitting here eating a Yoplait original strawberry flavored yogurt and it reminded me of you.

I miss you.

P.S. No fear fellow bloggers---a good update is coming soon. It will include such things as: camping, hiking, big/little sister bragging, new job status, the Ogden Valley Triathlon, football, missing my Greg, etc.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Little Ponies and their Negative Effects on Culture

Anyone remember "My Little Ponies?" Well, I came to an interesting realization last night. My Little Ponies single handedly led to the "whorification" of millions of young girls. Here is the rationale:

According to Wikipedia, the "Tramp Stamp" tattoo became popular in the 90s. This would have been the same generation of girls that enjoyed My Little Ponies as children. Did you ever notice that the thing that differentiated one pony from the next was an emblem on its rear end?

Is it any coincidence that when these girls grew up, the thing that had been ingraind in them was "To be pretty you need to have big hair and some sort of symbol on your butt." So, thats what they did. I mean, look at the similarities:

My Little Ponies: Cute, innocent toy or subliminal message to turn your daughter into a skank?