Thursday, December 17, 2009

dear greg,

Thanks for scaring me half to death last night in our dark hallway. I'm sure I would have wet myself if I hadn't just exited the bathroom. I guess seeing you laugh that hard at me screaming and slapping your chest and then crying from laughter was worth it. The story may have been different had I peed my pants. That doesn't change my need for payback, however...

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Confession: I have been in love with Bubble Wrap my whole life. It's just satisfying to hear those little bubbles pop. I know I'm not alone here...

Growing up with a salesman Dad meant receiving lots of samples in big boxes = Bubble Wrap. Growing up with 5 brothers meant we occasionally fought over who got the Bubble Wrap. I usually won. When I was feeling nice I shared with my little brother. I may not have felt nice as often as I should.

I would lay the Bubble Wrap carefully on the floor and run up and down the sheet until the 'popping' stopped. Then, I would methodically scan each row for unpopped bubbles to squish with my fingers.

That being said, you must understand why I need this calendar:

A bubble to pop for every day of the year? Genius.

I'm contemplating making my own. Now I just need Bubble Wrap. Who drew my name for Christmas again?

Isn't sealed air great?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

london, france, underpants

Changing into workout clothes in the locker room is significantly more awkward when you wear garments.

Let's just say I recently had a close call at my work gym with a co-worker who doesn't share my religious preference and it was uncomfortable.

Anyone else had this experience?

Monday, December 7, 2009


Welcome winter. I'm sitting at my desk (at work) with my coat on. I could really used a space heater right now, or at least a darker brown coat. I feel silly wearing tan pants and a tan coat at the same time. That's what I get for refusing to wear my black coat with my brown shirt/shoes combo today.

I'm a slave to fashion?