Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby Willis' Room

We had a lot of fun putting together this room for our baby boy. Well, I guess I can't speak for Greg, he probably wanted to kill me a few times ;) It was especially fun to include some items of special significance to our little family. Here are some of the details:

(Excuse the crazy spacing - Blogger was being highly uncooperative)

We wrapped styrofoam balls with yarn for the mobile.

The blank canvas above the crib will be used to document baby's growing footprints over time.

My Mom and I made the crib sheet from twin sheets I found.

I made the crib "skirt."

I made the cover for the pillow on the rocking chair.

The green bags hanging on the dresser are for cloth diapering - call me crazy if you must ;)

The dresser once belonged to my great-grandparents. Greg painted it and the drawer pulls.

I gifted Greg the "typestaches" poster for his birthday last year.

When we are 100% sure on baby's name, the small frame in the upper right will be replaced with a green canvas with his first and middle names on it in white.

The ribbons are mine from various races (running) over the years.

The pirate poster is from one of Greg's favorite bands- he's had it for years.

I bought the wooden "W" and painted it orange (for Willis :)

Greg made the stencil from a photo of me from our wedding.

We bought the map poster at a concert we went to this fall.

The frame with the blue paper is a placeholder - I will replace the strip of paper with baby's hospital bracelet.

I've collected bottlecaps for a number of years now - it was good to finally have a use for some of them.

I gave Greg the bicycle letterpress print as a gift a few years ago.

You can barely see the tiny red heart I placed on the map of Ogden to note where our house is.

The medals are (left to right): Mine from the State Games of America 1999 (soccer), my finisher medal from the 2007 Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay, and Greg's finisher medal from the 2011 Boise Half Ironman.

The cardboard painting was done by my great-grandfather - he was a little eccentric ;)

The piggy bank was a sweet gift from my Grandma. I collect piggy banks and she thoughtfully bought baby his first one.