Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Make That Fifty-Three...

Greg sent me these at work last week. What a sweetheart. I was the envy of all the office :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

53 Reason, Because I Do Love Wendy More!

Well, one of her reasons was that I say I love her more, and I do. To prove it, I have 53 reasons. Lets get started.

1. She loves me.

2. She loves the gospel (thats a big deal).

3. She gets my movie quote jokes (Damn! We're in a tight spot).

4. She makes delcious dinners.

5. She eats my not so delicious dinners.

6. The last thing she does before falling asleep is give me a kiss

7. The first thing she does in the morning is give me a kiss.

8. She listens when I talk about work.

9. When she is excited to talk about something, there is no stopping her (or getting a word in edgewise, for that matter).

10. She loves Thai food.

11. She likes trying new restaraunts.

12. She is going to Rancid with me in Vegas

13. She wants to go everywhere with me/do everything with me (this might get old later, but right now its adorable).

14. She loves The Office.

15. She loves American Gladiators.

16. She knows who Brock Samson is.

17. She knows who the Monarch is as well for that matter.

18. She is smart. Sure I beat her in Boggle, but its only because she doesnt ever play it.

19. She is competitive. I love that she is always up for something that is a match or battle.

20. She still wears the bowling shirt I made for her.

21. She emails and text messages me notes.

22. She likes reading GQ and Esquire with me.

23. She knows the difference between a good and bad fitting suit.

24. She does my laundry.

25. She is focused on keeping everything we have nice and in good condition.

26. She gets a long with my friends and gets their humor and actually enjoys it.

27. Wendy loves the same movies I do. If she watched R rated movies, Im sure we would have even more of the favorite movies.

28. I dont watch R rated movies anymore because of Wendy.

29. She loves me.

30. She gets excited over little things, like a really good pepper or canteloupe.

31. She gets upset over little things, like the cat leaving hair everywhere (Its a cat, its gonna happen).

32. She loves our fridge. One thing she points out to everyone is how a gallon of milk fits in the shelf on the door.

33. She trusts me. She relies on me to make decisions (maybe not the best idea) and she supports those decisions.

34. She will sometimes watch me play video games (I dont play them that much).

35. She was just as excited as I was to catch tadpoles.

36. Wendy has no/little self conciousness. She doesnt care what other people think or her, or if they will think she looks silly, et.

37. She always gets dressed right when we go out. She never goes to the movies in pajamas or anything slouchy looking.

38. She knows what looks good on me and lets me know. Also, she is willing to spend the money so that I will look good.

39. She is concerned with my stuff. The other day, she didnt know that I didnt leave my iPod in the car, so she came and asked me where it was to make sure it wasnt lost or stolen.

40. She cant put my laptop in its bag right. Without fail, and no matter how many times I tell her, she will put it in the bag upside down. Its silly, but I think its cute that she cant get it right.

41. She folds my clothes and puts away my underwear (I dont know why she does this willingly, but she does).

42. She always tries to give me the last cookie, scoop of ice cream etc. And, if I do take it, she doesnt get mad.

43. She doesnt mind that I have a man crush on Brad Pitt, and she even plays it up sometimes (Ask her about my birthday last year).

44. She new if we went on a date that it would be "game over" for me. And it was.

45. She likes to cuddle.

46. She hogs the bed. This can be annoying, but I would rather have her sleeping close to me than on the other side of the bed, or in another room or something.

47. If I leave something at home when I go to work, she will pick it up and bring it to me.

48. We pretty much share the same brain. A lot of things I dont need to consult her on because I know that we will have the same opinion or thoughts on it.

49. She loves me.

50. She talks to me. Unlike some people, Wendy will always tell me why she is upset, sad, mad, happy or anything. Sometimes it may take a little more prodding, but she never keeps anything from me.

51. Wendy shows genuine interest in the things I want to do. I need to train for triathlons, she goes running with me. I want to spraypaint the garage, she says to make sure I invite my friends. I want to stay home from church she....well, she wants to go, but she will let me stay home when I dont feel well or just simply cant get up.

52. Wendy's hair. It pretty much always looks good. My personal favorite is when its straight and not in a ponytail or anything. HOwever, it seems that no matter what she does with it, it looks good. I like that. Oh, and I like that she doesnt have to be all done up to look good. With or without makeup she is hot.

53. She married me! What is not to love about the girl that saw past all my flaws, shortcomings, insecurities, weaknesses, etc. etc. and thought that I was good enough to marry. I would do anything to make her happy and anything to make sure that I always have her with me. (Ask her where the cat is now).

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

52 Days, 52 Reasons

When we were engaged, Greg made a countdown clock on my cell phone that listed how many days were left until our wedding. Now that the wedding has come and gone, my phone lists how many days we've been married. In honor of being married for 52 days (I know I'm random), here's 52 reasons why I love Greg. You might learn some things about him you never thought you would and maybe some he will wish you didn't :) I love, love, love you Greg and here's a small taste why...

1. He absolutely adores our cat, Jade. I often tease him that he loves her more than me.
2. He always makes sure we have a bag of treats for Sacrament meeting.
3. He’s a bad boy—he’s a graffiti artist (but only in places where he’s allowed to :)
4. He’s a good boy—he always remembers family prayer.
5. He pulls the car out of the garage for me every morning.
6. He makes a mean breakfast on Saturday mornings.
7. He smells so good.
8. He loves his calves (they are totally hot).
9. He cleans up real nice (thanks to GQ and Esquire subscriptions :)
10. He cleans up real nice everyday (thanks to Bank of Utah employment).
11. He does laundry.
12. He is adorable when he’s tired or wakes up.
13. He always opens doors for me.
14. He shares my love for crossword puzzles. Or at least he pretends to to make me happy.
15. He definitely shares my love for words, especially when they are made up or used incorrectly. (Deef?)
16. He does favors for me at work.
17. He likes to do grown-up things like play video games, skateboard and catch tadpoles.
18. He dances in the car to his favorite tunes.
19. His iPod Touch is his baby.
20. He will hold me as long as I want.
21. He is always willing and worthy to give me a blessing when I need one.
22. He never complains when I take forever to get ready.
23. He’s a bargain shopper (groceries, clothes, you name it!).
24. He rides his bike to work for extra triathlon training and I get to drive the car.
25. He will eat anything I make, even if he probably shouldn’t :)
26. He always lets me have the last cookie, cracker, etc.
27. He always tells me I’m beautiful, even when I’m a complete disaster.
28. Every now and then I catch him singing in Tagalog (he served a mission in the Philippines).
29. Sometimes he lets me beat him at Rummikub or Dominoes, but never at Boggle or the Dot Game.
30. He always knows how to make me laugh.
31. He lets me cry on his shoulder when I’m sad.
32. He is a super handyman—he opens jars, assembles beds and dressers, puts up lights and ceiling fans, changes the oil in the car, fixes broken power windows, and more!
33. He loves to eat his veggies.
34. He never gets mad if I forget to move the seat back in the car (in my defense, this "rarely" happens).
35. He loves his family and would rather do something with them than anything else.
36. He laughs at my jokes, or at least at me :)
37. We have almost identical food preferences (except he doesn’t like Mexican food—what?! I know.)
38. He always slightly melts his ice cream in the microwave before eating it.
39. He lets me rent just about any movie I want. I still don’t get why he doesn’t want to watch the A&E Pride and Prejudice though…joking.
40. He leaves me love notes in the “love note mailbox.”
41. He always tells me he loves me more although I don’t think that’s possible.
42. He gets really giddy when he’s excited about something.
43. He was more nervous to propose to me than to ask my dad for me hand. He already knew my answer.
44. He likes to cuddle when we watch movies.
45. He’s always reading books, magazines, etc. to get the leg up at work.
46. He takes care of the cat’s litter box, food, water, etc.
47. I can do absolutely nothing other than be with him and be completely happy.
48. He does cute things like make me a piggybank (I collect) for Christmas and getting Jon Schmidt to embarrass/sing a song for me (us) for Valentine’s Day.
49. Everything is so mango with him.
50. Grendy = Joy.
51. He has goooood looking hands. (Anyone that knows me well knows that’s a must!)
52. He’s my best friend.