Thursday, July 31, 2008

Check out the wedding slideshow!

I was looking over recent blog posts and realized that I have yet to post a single wedding photo. Oops! We are actually meeting with our photographer tonight to (finally) get the rest of our pics and figure out our album. So-check out the slide show below and there's more to come!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Willis Summer (Part II)

Summer highlights continued...

Once back to reality, we (here meaning Greg and our Willis dad) removed (chopped, pulled, dragged) some nasty bushes that donned the front and back of our house. You can see one still standing on the right side of the front yard.

Good work Greg! I'll just stand here and take pictures :)

Then we got a wild idea to catch some tadpoles at the Weber River Parkway in Riverdale. First, you need a net. A wire hanger and old nylon should do!

Greg and Christie making the contraption.

Our nephew Ethan (Willis) showing off the finished product.

We also like to go for walks at the Parkway. Sometimes Greg loses his shoe in the mucky pond :)

Other times he finds a yucky hat.

Then there was rockclimbing with friends from work (Wendy's first time ever).

Greg is near the top.

I was a natural (according to Greg's boss) and I loved it.

The first Triathlon of the season: Cache Valley (06.21)




And that's how it's done. Greg set a PR at this race--10 minutes faster than his best time last year. Awesome!

To be continued again...

A Willis Summer (Part I)

A few highlights of my first Willis summer (aka what we’ve been up to as of late)…


We’ll start back in April with a few honeymoon pics:

We did a little shopping. Here is Greg modeling the argyle ensemble. No, the matching shirt and socks didn’t come in a package together; we just have an eye for style :)

We went for a hike at Zion National Park.

Weeping Rock (please excuse the bulky jacket tied around the waist)

Looking up Hidden Canyon Trail.

Hidden Canyon wasn’t so hidden after all.

The only pictures we took from our day trip to Vegas were at the Temple. Probably a good idea.

The St. George Temple

Benja became our favorite place to eat, possibly ever. (This was our first attempt at using the timer on my camera. Not too shabby Greg!) We love us some good Thai food!

In fact, we loved it so much we ate there twice while in St. George. This is us being really excited to eat there again. Sidenote: we had the same waiter both times, it was pretty funny. Another sidenote: both pictures are from the second time we went there just to clarify. We didn't wear the same clothes all week :)

To be continued...

Monday, July 28, 2008


Last week, Greg's #2 main babe (Jada Pinkett Willis aka Jade) went to kitty heaven.

(Jade's 1st time at our new house.)
Greg adopted her from his good friend Scott Renberg and, if you recall this post, he loved her only slightly less than me.

(Wendy & Jade)

She got in some kind of accident (no one knows for sure what happened) that resulted in her tail getting pretty messed up (for lack of better words). The real problem was that the break was really close to her hips and it started to affect her walking ability. The sores that resulted were getting really bad as well. She couldn't even lift her tail.

We didn't get a chance to say goodbye as she has been living at Ma & Pa Willis' as of late (long story short-she scratched up our new bed and I was ticked) and we didn't find out she had been "sent to kitty heaven" until after the fact.

(Jade causing mischief...)

The cute part of the whole story is that Greg was reading "Answers to Gospel Questions" by President Joseph Fielding Smith last night and he reminded me that Jade will be raised in the resurrection and we can take care of her then. How cute is he?


It's official, today is my first "work day" of unemployment.

Weber State and I are becoming good friends once again as I have been spending a few hours every week day (during the last few weeks) here looking for a new job. FYI-the Browning Center is a great place to job hunt. It's quiet and they don't get mad at you for moving chairs to be closer to outlets for the lappy. And, I park where the newbies coming for orientation park so I don't get a ticket for not having a parking pass. I hope I didn't just jinx myself...

If you know of any good job opportunities, please let me know.

P.S. Greg-I promise I'm not spending all my time surfing the net :)

Cervelo P2C

Here it is!

As you can see, we picked up the new bike right after work (07.17) and Greg couldn't wait to take it for a spin. (Sidenote: I adore this photo. It's the wallpaper on my Zune.)

Our favorite neighbor boy (the one who used to carry his dog in a bucket for those of you that are familiar) came to check out the new ride. He went for a little ride down the street with Greg.

Our friend told us that he thinks the tires look "flat" and that it (the bike) can't be "real" because it's too "skinny".


Safe and sound inside our house.

Greg ended up doing pretty well for getting in an accident, eh?

Monday, July 21, 2008

100th Day

Remember 100th day in elementary school? You would spend all day counting out 100 of everything possible (pennies, beans, "counters," etc., etc.), decorate "100" paper glasses with the 0's for your frames, and make fruit loops necklaces (with 100 fruit loops, of course).

Yes, those were the days (although we all know they didn't feed you real fruit loops). I've been thinking about this because today marks 100 days that Greg and I have been married. Awwwwwwww. I know. It never ceases to amaze me that I really do love him more every day, just like everyone says you will. Universe, you've done it again!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The New Baby is On its Way

No, Wendy is not pregnant, but my new bike is being built as we speak.

So, here is a picture of the frame. You'll get to see more when I have the new one in my hot little hands (or should I say, between my hot legs? Probably shouldnt say that).

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Crash

If you havent heard, I was hit by a car in July 1 while riding my bike to work.

First a little preface.

I ride to work because I race in triathlons during the summer (if you are reading this, you probably knew that). I have a pretty decent mid-range bike that meeks my needs and allows me to go fast, when I want.

So, anyway, on this particular morning, I was taking my usual route to work, which is north on Monroe to 27th street, then west to Bank of Utah. I had just come down the hill (about 35mph) and was about 1 block east of Washington when the SUV in front of me pulls to the side of the road. No big deal, there is a business there and it happens a lot. Then, the car starts a u-turn and is suddenly blocking the lane.

I see it coming and lock up my brakes in an attempt to slow down. I can only think of my brother being slung over his handlebars the year before in our duathlon (broken forks, broken wheel and lots of road rash as a result). While Im skidding I can see whats coming and think about laying my bike down. Not a good idea, I conclude. Im in slacks and a t-shirt. Im gonna get turned into hamburger. I have the presence of mind to just try and slow down as much as possible and not hit the car too hard.

SLAM! right into the drivers side door. I remember tucking my head into my left shoulder to ensure that my helmet takes the brunt. And it does. My helmet is shattered on the entire left side. I however, dont ever come off my feet. I gather myself and the only words I can think to say out of frustration are not good ones.

The driver of the SUV gets out and she starts to apologize. Well, now she's a target. I ask her (loudly) why she doesnt look where shes going. I also tell her that my $2,000 bike is ruined. She tries to tell me shes going to have her husband fix it. Not gonna happen (see picture). I calm down and realize I am not hurt and that is whats important.

I get her insurance information, file a claim and now I have a new bike on the way. I will actually even end up with a better bike than I had before. Lucky me right. She hits me with a car, and I get a new bike and some pretty good pain meds.